Customer Service Tip – Change Your Thoughts About Your Customers

Are you having customer service problems? Are customers’ problems not being resolved? Possibly, you need to change your thoughts?

What are your thoughts including your expectations about your clients to your customer service problems? When you answer the phone, does your voice reflect an outgoing and helpful individual, someone your customer is truly glad to speak with? Maybe, your voice is coated with some anxiety and negative thoughts specific to this customer and historical events?

For example, if you generally think something like this when the phone rings: I wonder what this individual wants? or Here we go again another demanding or complaining client your voice will reflect these thoughts. Let be honest for a moment, would you like someone having those attitudes when you are communicating with him or her?

Does your business have problems specific to customers and poor customer service? Most companies eventually experience unhappy campers both externally and internally.

For example, a problem arises specific to your customer. What actions do you take? Do you solve the problem to your expectations or to your customer’s expectations?

Have you ever asked your customer this simple question: What are your expectations specific to solving this problem? Many times solutions are created that may miss some minute expectations that the customer has and the business does not know because the business failed to ask. Then the businesses work very hard to solve the problem and from their perspective they did everyone possibly, but the patron is still not happy. Customer Service Tip: Your focus creates your reality.

Customer service problems must be solved from the customers’ expectations perspective and not the businesses expectations.

The thoughts that you have about your patrons, about your business, about your role in the organization, about life in general all affect your day to day interactions with both your external (paying) and internal (employees) customers. Those thoughts that are rooted in your foundational belief system will drive your attitudes demonstrated through your actions creating your results.

To change your customer service results, you must first begin with this customer service tip to change your thoughts and even more importantly your beliefs. Customers are not the root of all evil. For without customers, your business would not survive. Yes, there are demanding customers and you always have the choice to keep them or fire them after you deliver your products or services.

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Customer Service Tips – How Important is Customer Service?

Are you a business owner? Maybe you are just a manager, but your job is important to you. One of the ways that a business can gain a competitive edge is to offer better customer service than competing businesses. There is an old saying, “If you treat someone well they will tell one person, but if you treat them poorly they will tell 10″. This is very true and her are some customer service tips that will help your business excel at treating customers well.

First, a couple of general things that make customers feel like you care. You should always have someone greet your customer within 30 seconds of entering your business. This is a rule of thumb for all businesses. Also, never talk about what you cannot do for your customer. Always talk about what you can do for them.

If your business is very telephone oriented or if there are telephone conversations at all, make sure to use the customers name periodically during the conversation. This makes them feel comfortable and it personalizes that experience for them. Also, always smile while you are talking to them because it effects the tone that you use. You should also thank them at the end of each conversation because everybody likes to know that their business is appreciated.

When you are dealing with an irate customer you should always let them speak until they have finished. Interrupting them is rude and will only irritate them further. You should also offer to do anything within your power to make the situation better and to assure them that they are appreciated. It is important to make sure they are happy when they leave your building so that they will not only come back, but also so they do not talk about your business with a bad tone to friends.

Customer service tips also include going the extra mile by sending out thank you cards to customers, finding out about birthdays and anniversaries and sending out cards with coupons or small gift certificates for those days. If you run a company that makes large sums of money off of each or some of your customers, then gift baskets for Christmas and things of that nature are very much appreciated. The goal is to go above and beyond what the other guy might do for your customer so they will not leave you for them.